Helping you Sell Faster


Unoccupied/Vacant Space Staging

Staging your vacant home will fill it with the warmth and attractiveness buyers are searching for! It will provide that “Home” vs ‘House” feel that is required for the seller to fall in love in those first seconds that they are in the home

Occupied Home Staging

Consultation Service: Walk Through, providing you with a Home Staging Report, depending on size of the home. This report includes recommendations that sometimes include painting, furniture removal, furniture relocation, wallpaper removal, landscape spruce up, repairs, cleaning, etc.

Staging Service: Work with you and stage the home after the pre-staging tasks have been completed. We sometimes recommend some furniture rental at this point and we also provide additional accessories that are current to enhance your space. We try our best to first use only the existing decor when staging your home. Items are rented on a per item basis while the home is staged and being shown. Estimates can be made on a case by case basis .